Honey in tea for weight loss – Does it really work?

honey waterAll via the net as well as media, there is a big buzz regarding the magic new weight loss cure, Honey as well as Tea for weight loss. Being a nourishment and diet professional for numerous years now, I chose to obtain to the base of this! You have to incorporate one tea-spoon of honey to one tea spoon of cinnamon and steam it in one cup of water. It is recommended that you eat fifty percent of this mug, half an hour prior to morning meal. And you eat fifty percent of this cup, half an hour prior to going to sleep at evening. The claims are that by just doing this much, and not making any various other changes in your regular and your diet regimen, you can expect to lose 3 to 5 extra pounds within a week.

It is stated that the benefits of honey in tea, actually stop your body from storing fat! The practitioners of this Honey and also Tea for weight loss concept do not offer any type of clear scientific explanation for why this ought to work. Actually In fact cinnamon does have weight loss benefits. We understand that cinnamon certainly assists to shed weight. There is no doubt that honey is good for wellness. As a matter of fact, people that have attempted this Honey and Tea suggestion do report that they feel a lot more energetic. This fits in perfectly with the truth that honey is a simple sugar that is really simple for the body to process as well as launch power.

However, honey has the contrary result that cinnamon has. It boosts the blood sugar level levels. It is not really clear from the scientific point of sight, how this Honey as well as Tea for weight loss suggestion could truly function. There are still individuals out there that case it has aided them. Unless an appropriate scientific research is done on the subject, making any kind of verdicts would certainly be pointless. So, if you intend to attempt it, proceed! If it does not help, it undoubtedly will not harm! But, there are better as well as faster methods to reduce weight around.